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This candleshop is one of the oldest candle factories in all of Greece. The year of foundation is considered to be 1919 when Thomas Theocharous - Christou, a refugee from the Monastery, settled in Edessa and began to practice his art, making candles. The art developed into a business and passed on to the second generation, to the brothers Christos and Ioannis Christou. In the late 90's the baton was taken by Thomas Christou son of Ioannis, now a third generation candle maker.

 The company still maintains its purely family character. Its headquarters are located in the same place (in the center of the city near the church of Agia Skepi) from the 50's. Candles are produced and sold there (wholesale and retail). Since 2002, a retail branch has been operating in the area of ​​the city's cemeteries.

The candleshop produces candles of various types: ecclesiastical, Easter, decorative, aromatic, for weddings, baptisms, etc. It also trades various other items such as tealights, enduring candles, paraffin oil, coals, wicks, musk, incense burners and incense burners. all over Greece but also in many European countries.

 Finally, another pioneer of the candle factory is its electronic presence, as, having since 1997 registered the name www.keri.gr, is the first candle factory in all of Greece with an presence on the internet.

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