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Shipping Methods

1. Courrier
Charging is based on the weight of the package. The minimum charge is € 5.00 for parcels weighing up to 5 kg and then charged + € 1.00 for each additional kilo.
The above prices are valid for the areas that are within the coverage area of ​​the courier company with which we cooperate.
The above prices do not include cash on delivery costs which are + 4.60 € for each shipment.
Courier delivery is usually chosen for retail orders, when the weight of the order is up to 7-8 kg and the volume does not exceed that of a carton.
Delivery of the order is made to the address requested by the customer, unless otherwise agreed.
Courier shipping costs are prepaid along with the order.

2. Shipping Company
Charging is mainly based on the distance regardless of the weight of each package (maximum weight 25 kg per package). The parcels are forwarded from our headquarters (Edessa) to Thessaloniki or Athens and from there are delivered to the local transport to the final destination.
The cost per package in most cases ranges from € 3.00 to € 8.00 and rarely exceeds € 10.00 in very remote areas and islands.
Shipping by transport companies is usually chosen in wholesale orders, in which the weight is quite large.
The delivery of the order is done, depending on the policy of each transport company:
• On the sidewalk at the address requested by the customer.
• In the transport warehouse.
• Elsewhere in consultation with the customer.
Shipping costs are usually paid upon receipt. In some cases, in order to achieve a better price, a part of them related to the shipment up to the local transport is prepaid.

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