Waxworks – T.I. Christou

Payment Methods

1. Payment at the store.
You can pick up your order from our headquarters (Arch. Panteleimonos 24, Edessa) or from the retail branch (Analipsos 18 & Bizaniou, Edessa) and pay with cash or debit - credit card.

2. By cash on delivery.
Valid only for courier delivery and is charged € 4.50 in addition to the value of the order. Not valid for shipment through transport companies.

3. By deposit in a bank account.
You can pay by deposit in the following bank accounts. In this case, make sure:

  • The name or surname or your company name should be written in the depository and if the order number is available, so that the deposit can be identified correctly.
  • The deposit or transfer via e-banking should be done by the same bank, to which you send the money, so that there are no interbank charges. If, however, interbank charges eventually arise (eg Transfer from a foreign bank), these should be borne solely by the depositor. Otherwise there is a possibility that the order will not proceed, considered as unpaid.



1. PEIRAIOS 5253-004057-469
IBAN : GR04 0172 2530 0052 5300 4057 469

2. NATIONAL BANK 34000257989
IBAN : GR3901103400000034000257989

3. EUROBANK 0026.0322.12.0200413405
IBAN : GR1302603220000120200413405


4. With online payment via credit or debit card.
By choosing this method, you will be transferred to the secure SSL environment of the National Bank and the payment process will be performed automatically with the greatest possible security.

5. Payment via PaypalTM.
By selecting this payment method, you will be automatically transferred to the secure SSL environment of the PaypalTM website from where you will complete the payment with absolute security even if you do not have a PaypalTM account.

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