Waxworks – T.I. Christou


Dear customers !

Welcome to our new website!

Due to incompatibility of the data with the old website, all registered users will have to re-register.

Note that the prices displayed by default in the new eshop are retail prices. Those of you who want to access wholesale prices should follow two simple steps:

  1. Register again on our new website.
  2. Necessary the condition is to update your name, address and phone number in your new account details.
  3. Send us an email at info@keri.gr, where you will mention the username and the phrase "wholesale prices".

 We will arrange, within a few hours, to rank you in the wholesale clientele, so that when you connect, you can see the wholesale prices.

For any question or clarification, please contact us.

 We wish you good shopping and looking forward to our good cooperation.

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